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M&S Group is a global, commercial, and investment company.

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In 2016,M&S Group was founded as the parent company, it is responsible for all subsidiaries and wholly owned companies, and supervises the property of the company in multi-investment joint companies that operate in several vital areas including (tourism, import and export, General Contracting, Engineering, Real Estate, it & Security Systems).

The company has adopted the establishment of an administrative hierarchical structure to attract staff with outstanding skills in all of the above fields.

The company relies on the best global applications in its operations, attracting the best expertise, transferring knowledge to develop its human potential, and using the latest electronic systems to manage business in a commercial manner to meet current and future challenges and to improve the company’s performance.

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M&S is one of the largest and most global private companies

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Mutea Zghyer

The company's Chairman's

Khaled Zghier


Chief Executive Officer

Yazan Jweihan‎‏


Chief Financial Officer

Hayyan Ghaith


Chief Operating Officer

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